Women Hair Transplantation

Although approximately 90% of the patients are men in hair transplantation treatments, women may also need hair transplantation from time to time. While men generally undergo hair transplant surgery because of male-pattern baldness (MPB), women tend to do so because they want fuller and longer hair, or because they suffer from pattern hair loss due to medical reasons such as alopecia and lupus.

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What Are The Causes Of Haır Loss In Women?

In addition to factors such as malnutrition, stress, hormonal disorder, they may face the condition of opening the forehead part of the hair with shedding due to male pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia), thinning of their hair in the crown area or in general.

For hair, which is one of the most important accessories of women, such situations may make hair transplantation mandatory.

How Is Haır Transplantatıon Done In Women?

People who have tried many methods and cannot achieve the desired result, people who do not want to spend long times and sessions prefer planting because it is a shorter and more precise solution. You do not need to shave separately for hair and eyebrow transplantation in women. You can fill your existing hair without cutting your hair completely and remove the sparseness.

A region with strong hair follicles is determined as the donor area and the grafts taken from there are transferred to the problematic areas, the transplanted hair will not have any spillage problem.

The best aspect of hair transplantation applied with the FUE method is that the hair to be transplanted can be transferred without cutting, that is, no shortening is made in the hair when hair transplantation is performed in women. The thinning created by the grafts taken as a window from the upper part of the nape region is not visible even when the hair is collected. In women, the desired tightening is achieved, as a planting is performed for thinning, not shedding, in general.

Women Hair Transplant in Turkey

In our clinic in Turkey, we determine the most suitable technique for your hair transplant treatment. To do this, your doctor evaluates the examination findings. After your doctor makes an evaluation, he starts the application process. Your treatment is carried out by one of the most famous doctors in Turkey, in one of the most equipped hospitals.

After your appointment date is determined, your accommodation, catering and transportation procedures are organized by our clinic staff. You should set your flight ticket date to be in Turkey one day before the specified date. In this way, you can relax in your hotel.

When you arrive at the airport, your private driver will pick you up in a VIP vehicle. Your driver will accompany you on your way back to your country. In this way, you can bring your belongings as you wish.

After your treatment process is over, you can stay here longer and spend as many holidays as you want in accordance with your doctor’s recommendations.

Will There Be A Scar After The Treatment?

No scars are left in the techniques applied in hair transplantation treatment. No one can notice that you have had a hair transplant treatment unless you tell them.

Will There Be Pain During The Treatment?

During the treatment, there is no pain since local anesthesia is applied first to the donor area and then to the area to be transplanted.

Is The Post-Treatment Recovery Process Difficult?

As long as you act in accordance with your doctor’s recommendations, the post-treatment process will be quite comfortable and comfortable.

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