Most Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Transplant

Can I actually have natural looking hair as a result of hair transplantation?

Yes, it is possible to achieve completely natural-looking hair with the experience of the surgeon performing the procedure, the suitability of the person for the operation and a correct planning. No one will understand that you have undergone the procedure in a hair transplant where the correct distribution is made in the donor and transplant area.

Is hair transplantation a painful procedure?

With the anesthetic drugs and application methods developed today, pain is not felt during hair transplantation unless there are extreme situations. During the injection of anesthetic drugs, temporary and short-term pain may occur. However, most of these are just second-to-second pains felt at the moment of injecting the drug. After the injection of the drug, the area becomes numb within 5-10 minutes and no pain is felt during the operation. In addition, patients should be prepared for pain psychologically. It is necessary to explain in detail the applications to be made before the procedure, and to reduce the stress control of the patients with excessive stress by the physician with the help of oral or medication. Painless local anesthesia is now possible with our painless anesthesia device.

How long will it take for me to return to my normal life following hair transplant?

Although the recovery rate of people is different, the first wash is usually done on the 24 hours after the procedure. After the first wash, redness and crusting may occur in the areas where the hair transplant is made and hair follicles are taken. There is no problem in returning to your normal life after the operation, provided that you do not engage in excessive physical activity and aesthetic expectations.

Will I  have hair loss following the process in my hair?

Yes, temporary spills may occur in planting and receiving areas. Healthy hair follicles may suffer minor damage during harvesting and planting. This is a completely temporary situation and causes patients to panic. But in general, this situation returns to normal within 3 months, and your hair in the treated areas returns to the normal growth process together with your transplanted hair.

When will I have hair growth following hair transplant?

Although there is a general term like 3-6 months on this subject, plastic surgery associations and publications say that 12-15 months should be waited for the process to be completed. The transplanted hair may grow in a weak, curly, body-like structure at first. But this image disappears completely when the process is complete.

Should hair transplant be considered in each case of hair loss?

No, there are many cases of hair loss due to some endocrine reasons, at an early age, after childbirth, after infections and heavy surgeries, due to some drug use. First of all, the type of hair loss should be determined by dermatology or trichology specialists with one or more tests. While hair loss can be prevented with easy medical treatments, complex and long procedures may be required. Before deciding on this issue, it would be better for your doctor to draw your road map.

Will all of the hair transplanted grow and come out?

If there is no infection, trauma, endocrine disorder or chemotherapy after transplantation, the hair transplanted in general is 95-98% in the anterior region and 60-90% in the vertex (top) region.

What should be the expectation from hair transplant?

A hair transplant performed with the right methods in expert hands promises a 70-80% tightening in a completely bald area, depending on age, gender, skin color, hair fiber thickness, and density of the donor area. It is very important to provide real information about the result and to understand patient expectations. It is important to know that with hair transplantation, it is often impossible to achieve 100% dense hair that has never been transplanted. However, our eyes do not have the ability to distinguish an image between 60% and 100% frequency. In DHI hair transplantation, it is aimed to get maximum efficiency by adjusting the direction and distribution of the hair well. It is also one of the targeted issues that there will be no or no scars on the back of the neck after the operation.

Can badly performed hair transplant processes be corrected?

Correcting hair transplants that grow in the shape of a toothbrush and look bad is in the right hands and with the right methods. Here, the patient must give the necessary consent, knowing that the physician may share the result he has received due to the previous unsuccessful procedure. Otherwise, ethical physicians do not want to take such a risk.

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