DHI Hair Transplantation

It is a hair transplant method that takes the comfort of the hair transplant specialist and his team and the aesthetics of the patient into account. With the help of DHI hair transplant pen, hair transplant has become more efficient and modern. For the grafts taken from the donor area, no holes / channels are opened in the areas where the hair will be transplanted, and the hair follicles are directly transplanted with special devices.

The particular that the canal is not opened in the planted area increases the number of roots that can be planted and provides more intensive planting.

After the DHI technique has come out, the healing process has become shorter when compared with the old methods. The most important advantage of DHI method hair transplantation is the transplantation density.

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By means of the hair transplantation pen which is used in hair transplantation with the DHI method, the hair follicles are transferred directly in the desired direction and this provides a more natural appearance.

The bleeding condition caused by the FUE method does not occur in DHI hair transplantation. With the thinness of the nano tips of DHI Hair transplantation devices, bleeding is at the minimum level.

As it is the case with the FUE technique, hair transplantation can be done over the roots. The DHI pick transplant method has been developed for faster hair transplant.

Hair transplantation is done with the Pen Technique.

How is DHI Hair Transplant Done?

Firstly, you should know that names such as direct hair transplantation or pen technique are also used for DHI hair transplantation. It is a method that allows hair follicles to be taken with specially developed pens and hair transplantation in a short time. With the use of DHI pen, it is possible to open channels and plant the roots at the same time. Since a special pen-like medical device is used, the name of this method has been mentioned with the pen technique.

DHI hair transplant is not a different hair transplant method but it is a different application technique.

As it is the case in the FUE hair transplant method, hair follicles are removed and the application is realized. By using only the DHI pen, which is not used in the FUE technique, the pen technique is used for taking the roots and injecting the roots.

DHI Hair Transplant Stages

Answer to the frequently asked question “How is DHI hair transplantation done?” is given step by step. Generally, the first step can be completed by collecting the grafts, opening the channels and by injecting the roots.

Graft Collection: FUE method is used at this stage. FUE method will be realized with DHI technique, grafts will be taken in the form of using a medical device in the form of a special pen. Grafts will be taken from the designated areas.

In the DHI technique, the channel is not opened. Roots are placed with a DHI pen. It is planted by specifying the angle and direction. Bleeding occurs less. Hair transplantation can be done without shaving. It is known that a maximum of 4000 roots can be planted in a single session.

Transplantation of Hair follicles: The last step is planting the follicles that are taken.

If the steps specified above are completed, the hair transplantation process will be finalized. The recovery will be expected to be completed in the next period. By using this technique, which allows the completion of hair transplantation quickly, you can advantageously make your hair thicker.

Post-DHI Hair Transplant Process

After hair transplantation with DHI, firstly, the transplanted roots will be shedding. Since this spill will be completed in a short time, it is possible to return to your daily life. The decrease in the effect of local anesthesia with painkillers on the first day does not cause any problems. The process is completed painlessly after hair transplantation.

You can send your questions about hair transplantation method with DHI to our specialist via whatsapp. With the controls made, information will be given about whether there will be hair transplantation using this technique.


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